Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How to Buy High End Jewellery

Buying jewellery is something every person undertakes with due caution. Each one of us only wants to own the finest ornaments for our personal collections while keeping in line with the latest styles and fashion. At the same time we do not wish to compromise on quality and purity. Which is why we bring you brief guide on how to buy high end jewellery and get full value for your money:

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Jewellery Stores-A Glimpse at Creation’s Best

Buying jewellery is perhaps one of the most time-consuming tasks there ever was. With the rise of web portals that let you buy jewellery with just a click, shopping for precious jewels has become more convenient. Yet, there are many who prefer the right environment to buy their jewellery, to have sifted through the myriads of ornaments on display, to try if a particular ornament looks good on them before being convinced that it is the right choice. And that right environment for them comes only in a jewellery store.
Jewellery stores always have the latest and best designs on offer for clients. The proof of their craftsmanship can often be found in artistically set up window displays that exhibit their most stunning ornaments to lure potential customers. From heavy traditional sets to intricate designs with precious stones carrying bold appeal, you can find every ornament for every occasion.
Best Diamond Jewellers in Delhi
Best Diamond Jewellers in Delhi

Luxury Jewellery Brands in Delhi often have more than one showroom at different locations around the city to cater to their vast clientele who are spread across different localities. High end jewellery that lends class and sophistication to their wearers while reflecting a muted elegance are the hallmarks of such brands. 
Traditional gold and silver ornaments have also given way to a penchant for gemstones among buyers. For exquisite collections of stones-studded precious jewellery, visit the Best Diamond Jewellers in Delhi. From simple designs for every day work, to trendy collections for work wear and parties, to the most elaborate sets showing off the best cut and polished rare diamonds, jewellery stores offer a wide and exhaustive range of diamond jewellery.
Kanjimull in Connaught Place
Kanjimull in Connaught Place

For a truly enchanting experience while buying jewellery, visit Kanjimull in Connaught Place. Their exclusive collection of jewellery in gold, diamonds, pearl, precious and semi-precious stones will leave you enthralled. Carrying forward a rich legacy that goes back four generations when they were royal jewellers by appointment, Kanjimull and Sons have continued to create timeless and priceless bespoke jewellery for their esteemed clients.
Kanjimull Jewellers boast of a highly skilled team of professional gemologists, designers and craftsmen who are instrumental in creating the most spectacular jewellery that people can feel proud of owning. Their focus on and commitment to quality, design and attention to detail make them a trusted brand name that brings the best combination of tradition and modernity to each handcrafted ornament.  

Monday, 17 August 2015

Where Precious Jewellery Stands in India

Everybody loves wearing jewellery. People have been wearing jewellery for ages. India has been credited for having beautiful jewellery. It has a long and rich history when it comes to jewellery. Diamonds were first recognized and mined in India. India is home to the world’s leading diamond cutting and polishing centre, providing Bridal Jewellery in India around the world. The precious stone industry occupies an important position in the Indian economy. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

 bridal jewellery in india

The two major parts of the sector in India are gold and diamonds. Gold jewellery forms around eighty per cent of the Top Jewellers in Delhi market while the rest includes diamond and precious stone jewellery. A small portion of jewellery manufactured in India is consumed in the domestic market. A major portion of uncut diamonds is exported either in the form of polished diamonds or finished diamond jewellery.

Luxury Jewellery Brandsin Delhi is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian economy with an annual growth of ten per cent. The gems and jewellery industry accounts for thirty per cent of the total Indian exports. In the global diamond market today, Indian diamonds account for sixty per cent in value, eighty per cent in weight and ninety per cent in volume. Today there is a ready availability of diamonds in nearly every size, quality and cut. The Indian jewellery market is one of the largest in the world, with a market of about thirteen billion dollars. It is second only to the US market of fifty billion dollars and is followed by China at ten billion dollars. The gold jewellery market is growing at fifteen per cent per and the diamond jewellery market at thirty per cent.

 top jewellers in delhi

With its cut and polished diamonds, precious stones, gold and fashion jewellery, India accounts for almost sixty per cent of the international market. The Precious Jewellery sector contributes about sixty per cent of the world’s exports. About ninety per cent is in terms of pieces and eighty per cent is in terms of carats. Almost every diamond sold around the globe is processed in India.

Leading its way up the ladder, diamonds are the most expensive gems in the world. Kanjimull jewellers bring the best quality certified diamonds and process them into fine diamond rings, diamond pendants and diamond earrings.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Top Jewellers in Delhi

All are not born with a personal style and elegance but with time we slowly start adapting the beauty and sensuality with age and rest is fulfilled by the luxurious jewelleries which change our look and even the personality. Beautiful ornaments can bring out the hidden confidence in a person. Often it is said that when a woman is unhappy she goes for shopping and jewellery shopping means bringing back the joy and forgetting all negativities. Diamond Jewellery is always a woman’s best friend which takes her to the trip of happiness and makes her feel like a princess. Women love to create their own style instead of just blindly following the crowd.

Bridal Jewellery in Delhi

What jewellery suits your friend may not suit you so well, therefore it is always said that understand your own style. Top Jewellers in Delhi always see a changing trend with season and some can be simply fashion fad. It is important to learn how to be beautiful and express the unique individuality that is within. Luxury diamond jewellery boast a grand look and no other jewelry can match up to its elegance. Ornaments is justly considered to be that very special thing that gives both the essential finishing touches to your looks and boosts your good mood as well as self-confidence.
Luxury Jewellery Brands In Delhi

Precious stones embedded necklaces look great on low cut dresses be it western or Indian. Luxury Jewellery Brands in Delhi are designed in a way that it meets both Indian attire and western attire. Fashionable designs in necklaces and bangles are in great demand these days. Small pendant sets with studded precious stones can be part of your daily wear. When searching for Jewellers in Delhi there is a one stop solution at Defence Colony, Kanjimull store.
Bridal Jewellery in India

The cutting edge craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics in its precisely handcrafted jewels makes Kanjimull & Sons distinctive jewellery brand of India. Their assortments are tastefully categorized between wedding specials, power dressing essentials and the season specials so that their clients can choose the jewellery wisely depending upon the occasion. The men’s jewellery designed by this jewellery brand are also unique and mesmerizing. These days the growing fashion trends are encouraging men to put on different accessories on different outfits and the brand is always at its best to customize men’s and women’s jewelleries. They design different types of BridalJewellery in India from traditional to the latest trendy designs. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Luxury Jewellery Brands In Delhi

With change in technology and fashion trends, everything is taking a phenomenal change but what has not change is the demand for diamonds. The impact of the grand charm of diamonds has never disappeared from the hearts of jewellery connoisseurs. Diamond Jewellery has always a special significant in the heart of the people. It expresses love and charm when given as a wedding ring or a jewellery just as a gift. The alluring look of the clear white diamond fascinates everyone. One can choose from various shapes and cuts of diamonds, which include princess cut, round brilliant, marquise, to trillion, pear, heart, cushion, emerald and more.
 Luxury Jewellery Brands in Delhi

Round brilliant cut is versatile and is most common cut in diamond jewellery. Princess cut is contemporary square design which gives an elegant look to the men’s jewellery design. Pear cut has a special feminine look to it and therefore most of the necklaces and bangles are set with this diamond cut. The trillion cut is specially done to set the diamond on solitaire. It is dramatically crafted in the center. The Luxury Jewellery Brands in Delhi designed by Kanjimull & Sons is like a dream. 

Each diamond set has a special cut and the entire ornament is carved into a majestic piece that will sparkle your neck. Jewellers in Delhi has seen different types of diamonds. There are various colour grades of this precious stone. The colourless diamond with fine cut has more clarity and fine shine. Others have tinge of colour, but among the colored diamonds, pink diamond is the rarest of all which is in great demand and has great value at times even more than any other stone.
 Jewellers in delhi

Kanjimull Jewellers designs different types of ornaments from earrings, bracelets/bangles, necklaces, rings, charms to brooches. They also design gemstone buttons and cufflinks for men. The jewel.lery brand also designs Polki diamond jewellery which is trending now among youngsters. These looks best with traditional attires as it has a traditional feel to it. A Bridal Jewellery in India is one of the best anniversary gift. So now if you have forgotten to wish your wife anniversary, wish her with a diamond ring and she will fall in love with you all over again. You can get the jewellery customized from Kanjimull and get the most distinct piece of jewellery which your wife would love to flaunt at any occasion and envy her friends. 

Colored Stones Jewellery in India

The diamond jewellery market in Delhi is one of the largest in India. There are more than two hundred jewellers in Delhi that are resident in the city. What classifies as luxury jewellery varies from one jeweller to the other. Any piece of jewellery above the ten lakh range is called luxury jewellery. Only a handful deal in luxury diamond jewellery. The booming upper class and rising popularity of traditional Indian products around the world has increased the demand for Bridal Jewellery in Delhi. Movie stars now wear Colored Stones Jewellery in India for their private parties while people from affluent families put it on at wedding functions.
 colored stones Jewellery in India

 Indian Luxury Jewellery Brands In Delhi stands out because of its distinct designs. These include kundan, meenakari and thewa. Enamelling is the art of coating the surface of gold and silver with vitreous enamel made from molten glass of different colours in an intricate design pattern. The designs may involve simple geometric shapes or more sophisticated patterns. This art was introduced by the Mughals and brought to different parts of India. Kundan involves setting of precious stones in a jewellery piece while Thewa is the art of embossing a sheet of gold onto molten glass to make jewellery.

 Top Jewellers in Delhi

The jewellery market in India began changing for the better because of jewellers in Delhi. The number of people who can afford luxury diamond jewellery has grown tremendously in recent years. Though the luxury jewellery market in India is fragmented, it is growing at an annual pace. One of the prominent Jewellers in Delhi is Kanjimull jewellers. Its revenue comes from the Luxury Jewellery Brands in Delhi segment where the profit margin is higher. They started as a trader of coloured gemstones. It now has a presence across the gems and jewellery business. 

It mostly sells Bridal jewellery in India and has a store in Delhi.  People from across the country fly to Delhi to buy Best Diamond Jewellers in Delhi from Kanjimull Jewellers. That's also due to strong publicity. Most of the clients are foreigners, who like good workmanship and designs. Kanjimull & Sons has about a hundred artisans working for them. They have mastered the art of jewellery making.
 Jewellers in delhi

India’s gems and jewellery industry has evolved over the past few years. From low-value cutting and polishing of gems, the city has mastered the art of making value-added products such as jewellery. There is still a long way to go before good brands emerge out of Delhi. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Colored Stone Jewellery in India

Jewellery is a part of daily life and has a larger impact in people’s life. In many Indian families the baby girl’s ear is pierced as part of custom or ritual and a gold or silver wire jewellery is set in the ear lopes after piercing as these metals have healing properties. After the baby grows these wire jewelleries are then changed and beautiful baby tops are added with diamond or other Precious Stones.
The Diamond, is a symbol of purity and virtue, of love and loyalty, and holds strength of character, ethics, and truthfulness to oneself and others. The beauty of Diamond Jewellery has such a strong magnetism of attraction that no one can say no to a beautiful cut rare piece of luxurious diamond jewellery. In engagement ring there is always a diamond set over white gold or platinum as it symbolizes love and trust between the couple. We often wear jewelry to add an extra dazzle to an outfit, whether it be in the form of a bracelet, earrings or cufflinks. The beautiful blends of precious gems and diamonds set in high quality gold, platinum or silver create a magical look to the jewellery. Diamond and rare gemstones jewelleries are such that these look great on Indian as well as western outfits.Gemstones and diamonds are forever and looks great on women of every age group. 
 diamond jewellery in delhi

Jewellers in Delhi design each jewellery as per the latest fashion week trend as women here in the capital city are trendy and believe in maintaining the latest fashion and trends. Jewellers here create funky designs as well as sophisticated jewellery to meet the needs and taste of different people. Young college goers or party animals prefer funky multi-coloured gemstones jewellery while mid aged ladies prefer sophisticated single tone stone jewellery with few rare Coloured Stone Jewellery in Delhi as highlight.

When it comes to luxury jewellery brands in Delhi then Kanjimull and Sons is the name that one should look for. Theis jewellery brand brings out elaborate pieces of jewellery that mix traditional styles with innovative designs. From regal era to modern era, each jewellery is a classic piece in itself. The jewellers design all type of jewelleries from daily wear diamond pendant set to gorgeous wedding jewelleries.  They use finest stones to make the ornaments and also tailor it to their client’s preferences. With Kanjimull Jeweller make each day special and sparkling High-end Jewellery in Delhi and diamond jewellery.